Specialized Orthopedics

While each of OSNT’s Orthopedic Surgeons is highly trained in the field of general orthopedics, they also have extensive expertise in the treatment of specific body parts. As a team, our physicians offer a wide range of specialized orthopedic services. From wrist and hand issues to knee and hip issues, if it involves the bones, muscles, or joints, we have an expert on staff that specializes in that body part. Proper assessment and diagnosis is a vital step in the process of determining the best course of treatment, which is why we start with a comprehensive set of  diagnostic tools and procedures. After we have identified the true cause of the pain, we thoroughly discuss all of the treatment options available to you. Our goal is to find the best possible treatment plan that you are most comfortable pursuing and will yield the best possible outcome. 

Orthopedic Specialties Include:

  • Ankle
  • Foot
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Hand
  • Wrist
  • Knee
  • Hip